Print Vexil – The Only Braincell


Avtor: Raven

Mere: 27,9cm x 43,2cm

Material: Matt papir

Tehnika: Digitalna umetnost.

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Dungeons and Dragons home campaign. Dudes with flutes (party name…this is the DM writing with teary eyes)….yes…dudes with flutes….and by party I mean a BARD with mommy and daddy issues (also really bad dyslexia) and a paladin who doesnt even know which god he worships that also has spicy character backstory. (they are fine I promise)

Vexil should have been anything but a paladin at first, but fate (the DM) decided otherwise. Barely nineteen he sets off on a (then unknowing) life-changing adventure, trying to find out who the god who gave him the painful gift of horns for eyes is, who his friends and foes are, and most of all, for the first time, to see the world for what it is, outside the walls of his mentor’s barrier, beyond the books and maps. Naive but good-hearted, he set out on his first quest excited, all they needed to retrieve was a lost artifact, but fate, once again, kicked him onto a different path, one that led him and his friends deeper and deeper into uncovering the secrets of Evior, the ugly truths forgotten in the mists of the past. With every step he realized that his role, and that of his companion, was greater than he could ever have imagined.

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