Print Kuzo This Wasnt The Plan (there was no plan)


Avtor: Raven

Mere: 27,9cm x 43,2cm

Material: Matt papir

Tehnika: Digitalna umetnost.

Originalen izdelek.

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Art Origin:

Dungeons and Dragons home campaign. Dudes with flutes (party name…this is the DM writing with teary eyes)….yes…dudes with flutes….and by party I mean a BARD with mommy and daddy issues (also really bad dyslexia) and a paladin who doesnt even know which god he worships that also has spicy character backstory. (they are fine I promise)

Who is Kuzo?

heres a quote of his: It will be fine (*confidently*) – it in fact wasn`t fine.

As an orphaned(?) half elven bard, Kuzo was most definitely the most original character a fresh DnD player could come up with. Though two of these choices were made with a decent reason: to be annoying. And boy does he live up to that. Losing his mother at an early age and not having a single clue who or where his father might be thrusted a at the time 15 year old Kuzo into the world he did not know much about. First years were hard. The following fun. Next one amazing. And the one after that, painful as fate chose to take something from him again. Though he always found himself in some odd scenarios he never would’ve thought running around to find a stable with a pirate would lead him to a path where the answers he had been avoiding caught up to him, tangling him and his companion up into a web of war, cults and other people’s issues. What exactly is keeping them from being killed by an astral beast or a powerful archmage? Pure dumb luck. Or some favor of the Gods who really knows.

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